Homemade Lemonade to Quickly Shift Your Body PH in your Favor

Our body’s pH is linked to many diseases. Do you know if your pH levels are good?
Unfortunately, most Americans pH balance is not good our body requires a slight alkaline condition to function properly. As Americans, most of ours is predominately acidic due to our diet. It is way easier to keep our bodies acidic than alkaline because when our bodies are at an acidic level it borrows materials such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium from our vital organs and bones to neutralize the acid and get rid of it. This is what sometimes causes osteoporosis and arthritis.

Did you know if your pH levels are not normal you could have a greater risk of bone loss? This was determined in a 7-year study at the University of California. Nine thousand women all middle aged were studies and the study concluded many of these women were having bone fractures. Turns out that many of these fractures were connected to the acidic pH levels in their body. According to this study, our diet consists of too much animal food and too fewer vegetables.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tells us how we can protect ourselves from letting our body’s pH levels become too acidic. Well, it first starts off with your diet, if your diet has been bad all you need to do if too quickly shift your body’s pH in your favor! One way to do this is homemade lemonade. It is a great way to shift your pH levels quickly. Below is a recipe for this lemonade.


Four lemons
Four teaspoons of raw honey
purified water


Squeeze the juice from the lemons and put it in a 36-ounce ( 1 - Litre )  glass.

Add your four teaspoons of raw honey.

Drink throughout the day !

Source : Organic Health

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