An Apple A Day Could Prevent A Heart Attack

Apples can stop you from getting a heart attack and it is thought that this fruit is a lot more beneficial than statins (drugs that reduce cholesterol level). Scientists from the Oxford University say that people older than 50 who consume an apple a day are a lot healthier than those who take medicines. These group of scientists calculated that adding an apple in your everyday diet will reduce or stop those 8 500 heart attacks every year in Great Britain.

Calculated on global level, this number will be enormously big! Patients who already started the regular therapy for high cholesterol level have the same benefits. Doctors made certain calculations which showed a huge difference. Fruit can save the lives of older people. More than half of the potential patients with higher cholesterol level would gain a lot of benefits if they consume apples instead of taking pills.

In addition to this, people older than 50 are more prone to diseases, so according to this, apples would provide them stronger immune system and a healthier diet. Consuming a piece of fruit and a vegetable every day lowers the risk of heart attack by 12 per cent. This per cent applies to people who already have problems with their heart. Every apple you consume reduces the risk for another 12 per cent. According to this information, buy some apples and try to include this healthy fruit in your diet !

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