Lavender – Helps Against Insomnia And Stress

Lavender (Lavandulae aetheroleum) – Did you know that inhalation of lavender essential oil for only 5 minutes can reduce cortisol up to 24%, a hormone responsible for causing stress. These are great news because cortisol increases blood pressure and reduces immunity.
Inhaling lavender scent stimulates excretion of free radicals from the body, which harm human health and can cause many serious diseases including cancer.

These substances enter the body through the respiratory tract. Studies of German and French doctors show how lavender helps you fall asleep easily. They recommended this herb in conditions of nervousness, anxiety, depression. The calming effect on the nervous system occurs due to the essential oils, released in hot water, so skin can absorb them. In addition to this, hot water has soothing effect and improves body circulation.

Lavender Flowers Bath

Put 100 grams of lavender flowers in 2 liters of water. Let it stay for 5 minutes and add this aromatic water in the bathtub you have already filled with hot water. It is best to prepare this aromatic bath an hour before bedtime. Lavender bags can also help. Fill a small pillow with 100 grams of lavender flowers and place it in the night locker. The effect will be even better if you sprinkle the flowers with 5 drops of aromatic lavender oil.

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